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Per Square Media is one of Australia’s leading E-Commerce Web Design Companies, taking their customers into the public eye as they build their online stores reaching prospects across Australia and beyond. The key is a solid foundation, and Per Square Media is providing the E-Commerce solution their clients need.

The start of an online business is a big decision. Today’s market is competitive and unforgiving and for your success you need all the right elements and a solid foundation. Per Square Media provides you with the best E-commerce web design for your industry. We work with both large and small businesses that are not only establishing an offline business via online, but also those that are starting a new web based enterprise. We provide the results you are hoping to gain.

Ecommerce Solution in Melbourne

Per Square Media works closely with each client, taking their ideas and expanding them, ensuring that all areas are covered and that we create the most attractive useful website that is easily managed for your needs. We offer features such as tracking orders easily, promoting the products you would like to promote, and many more features which we will custom design to your needs.

Per Square Media’s prices are affordable. We pride ourselves in servicing each of our customers with affordable, custom E-commerce web design solutions offering features that will grow with their company’s growth such as unlimited product and category listings to reliable and secure checkout facilities and more. Our custom E-commerce web design is not only convenient for our client’s navigation, but also what attracts and keeps many satisfied website customers.

Our custom built E-commerce web sites will provide you the solution for all your needs. The sky is the limit with Per Square Media on your side.


  • A team of innovative and inspired individuals
  • 14+ years of experience
  • 40+ creative professionals
  • 100+ Apps launched

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