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Per Square Media is a way to mobilize your business with high-end HTML5 mobile web app and achieve a uniform user experience across multiple platforms.

While the sophisticated mobile application development is an increasing trend, there is a need to differentiate your app from already-established cloud services, that primarily made the Web much better than the server model. And the finally the Web eventually went through a transformative evolution software development with the HTML5 moniker. That’s the cornerstone of the open web platform with a set of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We are bringing this versatile way for our clients to fuel new audience expansion and build unparalleled efficiency through innovative applications based on the technology of the future. With us, you can reliably create serious HTML5 mobile app without worrying about cross-browser compatibility or standards compliance.

HTML 5 Mobile Web App in Melbourne

HTML 5 Mobile Web App in Melbourne

This new hyped technology has become a reputed and worthwhile language for mobile application development across the world. The technology giants like Google, Apple and even Microsoft are increasingly embracing this latest web programming standard. You can be part of the catalyst by getting the next great HTML5-based mobile web apps for digital publishing; wide network capabilities; and lead your respective markets for many years to come. As of today, while the current mobile apps market trend is striking, HTML5 is a good bet for the next generation. It’s the Future, Let’s Get on It!

Our Highlights

A Team Of Innovative A team of
innovative and
inspired individuals
14+ Years of Experience 14+ years of
40+ Creative Professionals 40+ creative
100+ Apps launched 100+ Apps

Our expert services in HTML5 Mobile web development:

  • Develop cross-platform mobile apps
  • Experience in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Rich and complex video file handling
  • Build offline mobile application
  • Clear drag and drop options
  • Explore HTML5 to add graphics and animation
  • Embrace Geo-location services in your application
  • Customized development service
  • Development on time and on budget
  • Support and maintenance
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