Mobile Strategy

The strategy for your mobile app is a crucial first step that can be missed if not working with the right team.

There are many app developers who will just take your idea and create the code to bring it to life. We feel that as mobile strategy and development experts, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a mobile strategy that can put your app in the right niche to be successful, or suggest some adjustments to your idea that will make it more interactive and addictive. But it doesn’t stop there. Do you want your app to make revenue? Does it need to, or is there something more valuable that it can bring to you?

Remember, the idea alone doesn’t make an app a success. It is the proper strategy, execution, and marketing that can make an average app into the next Top Downloads!

Mobile Strategy in Melbourne
Mobile Strategy

Our Strategy Services include:

  • Ideation Workshops Ideation Workshops
  • Market Analysis Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Technical Evaluation Technical Evaluation
  • Roadmap Creation Roadmap Creation
  • Commercialization Strategy Commercialization Strategy
  • Product Strategy & Positioning Product Strategy & Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy Social Media Strategy
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What do I get?

  • Documentation of Ideation and Concepting Documentation of Ideation and Concepting
  • Sketches and Design Guidelines Sketches and Design Guidelines
  • Functional Specifications Functional Specifications
  • Development Schedule Development Schedule
  • Documented Mobile Strategy Documented Mobile Strategy
  • Monetization Strategy Monetization Strategy

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40+ Creative Professionals 40+ creative
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How would you like this package for FREE?

Well, glad you asked. For every App Development project we include a FREE Mobile Strategy. What this means is if you are ready to go with your project and are ready to move ahead full steam, we will include this service to ensure the direction and strategy is correct before we jump into development. If you are still testing the waters and are not ready to commit to the full project yet, we are happy to provide this Mobile Strategy service and then credit the full amount towards the development cost of your project if you decide to move forward with the project with us. Either way, the Strategy Package is yours to keep.

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