Process Overview

Most customers who contact us about their app idea don’t know where to begin. If this is you, don’t worry! We have created a process that is easy to understand and follow and we will be the leader for you throughout.

  • Crystallising Your Idea – All ideas that we hear are great. But often, the idea is such at its infancy that we need to bring some structure to it before we can begin. The journey to create your dream app begins with chalking out your needs and getting prepared for the next stages. Here are the steps involved at this initial stage:
    • Understanding your needs and objectives
    • Gathering the necessary data and preparing a wireframe for the App
    • Deciding exact App details, specifications, platform pros and cons and costs involved
  • Designing your App - The next step is to conclusively design the App, before App development begins:
    • Creating a blueprint of the App- its features and its functionality
    • Deciding on a deadline in accordance with the client
    • Building static screens of the final product to get a basic idea of the look and feel
  • Developing your App - This is the stage where your mobile application is actually created based on client requirements. The steps involved are:
    • Designing and encoding the user interface
    • If server component is involved, employing various techniques for development efficiency
  • Testing your App - Now that your App is ready, it’s time to test it before it is launched into the market. Testing happens in a variety of manners:
    • Constant monitoring of progress in coordination with the client
    • Field testing the functionality among a sample set This step involves being prepared to go back to the drawing board if necessary to remove errors
  • Submitting your App - Congratulations! Your App is now ready to be deployed. It’s time to unleash it upon the world. Here’s how your App can reach your audience:
    • The first step is to submit your Mobile App to an App Store
    • The next step is to get your e-commerce platform ready so money can flow in
    • Coordinating and linking the Mobile App to your actual website and making sure there is no discrepancy
  • Marketing your App - So now your Mobile App is ready to be downloaded, it’s time to let people know that it is out:
    • A well thought-out marketing and communication strategy needs to be designed to reach the target audience -Promotion via emailers, social networking sites, blogs, articles in the media, PR, etc.
    • Over time, it’s always necessary to make sure it’s in the ‘Top 25 Downloaded Apps’ list to maximize downloads


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