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Arresting Scope Creep Dynamics

It won’t be wrong to call scope creep as a chewing gum. It is one kind of a slippery slope in which a project gets stretched like bubble gum from its originally anticipated size due to unintended or unanticipated changes. This minor seems issues can haplessly create a major problem in your project as it demands lots of time and money. This whitepaper covers the causes and effects of scope creep and how the project professional can tackle the problem. After going through this, one can be aware of what is in and out of scope and get ways of controlling scope creep.

Mobile AD

While the smartphones remain high on everybody's priority, the mobile ad becomes a more important way to interact with consumers. The rapidly growing mobile advertising is not a trend or a short-term phenomenon, but it's a cutting-edge medium which is changing how consumers engage with brands. Well, this introductory whitepaper guides any brand or company looking to harness the potential of rich mobile advertising. It gives you a better understanding about the basics of mobile ads, different types of ads, how it works to find and keep customers, how to make money with ads and some basic criteria that determine the choice of best ad network.

How to Get Your App Using Crowd Funding

Got your dream project? Got expertise? Yes, then say hello to crowdfunding. This is a great method for dreamers to get their dreamed app funded and make it successful. Crowdfunding could be the key to put your dreams and your startup plans into motion by getting modest contributions from a large group of the internet audience. So cheer up and fire up your dream project and do your best to prove that the world still needs dreams like yours. Here is the instructive document for the comprehensive understanding of crowdfunding plus overview of some of the most popular crowdfunding sites to kick start your dreams!

The Cost of Developing a Mobile Application

The Cost of Developing a Mobile Application, this document provides comprehensive information on the design, development and associated costs of building an application (app) for the Apple and Android mobile platforms. The key purpose of the document is to assist your planning, budgeting and overall project management by facilitating a better understanding of the app development process.

How To Monetise Your Mobile App

With an estimated 500 apps released each day, it comes as no surprise that monetisation is becoming increasingly difficult in a saturated marketplace. However, few developers realise that there are multiple ways to profit from app development. This document details the varying ways in which a developer can monetise an app outside of the traditional pay-to-download model.

The Mobile Web - Choosing between
Native and Web Applications

Mobile devices have come a long way from their beginnings as portable telephones. The phones and tablets have made mobile computing ubiquitous. People are looking for new and exciting ways to use their devices.

Due to this, the demand for mobile applications (apps) has exploded in recent years and will most likely continue to grow. Companies need to take advantage of this new technology to stay competitive in the marketplace. Having an application available for mobile users is becoming a necessity, but choosing whether to go with a native application or a web application can be difficult.

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